Friday, 27 September 2013

39. After the Rain on Whinlatter Pass, Cumbria

4"x4", oil on primed hardboard.

 Blocking-in stage.

Well, four days before the end of Leslie's September '30 in 30' challenge, I at last have something to post; it's been impossible before now.  Thank you Leslie for encouraging us to post anyway.  (I may still do a final fiddle with the reflections.)
This is a view we saw when we were in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago.  England has some beautiful spots and the Lake District has some exceptional examples.  It rained a fair bit while we were there but it didn't ruin our visit.  The UK landscape tends to look very green and lush due to the damp weather and it looks and smells particularly good immediately after the rain has fallen. 

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