Tuesday, 29 September 2015

185. 'Just Draw Something' Challenge

Mitsubishi 0.5 Unipin Fine Line pen 
in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

Just a very quick sketch before work of how the park looked last Friday. Tomorrow's the last day of Leslie Saeta's '30 in 30' challenge - wow! I'm just grateful I've been able to do something as it's been mercilessly busy.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

184. 'Old Master Sketch' Challenge

Faber-Castell 0.7 Grip Plus pencil in
Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

Hi Everyone, hope you're all well and arting.  As September is coming to an end, we've skipped down to No. 20 "draw a copy of your favourite Master’s painting" and, although I was tempted to run back to Cezanne, it seemed only right to start with Rembrandt.  I had to do quite a bit of rubbing out and re-draughting but I remember the artist Tom Coates saying to me "art is all about correcting your mistakes; the first stroke is a mistake but keep correcting it until it is right!"

Saturday, 26 September 2015

183. Trees - Meeting Doodle

Mitsubishi 0.5 Unipin Fine Line pen in 
Moleskine Squared Notebook, 3.5" x 5.5"

Done rapidly in a meeting yesterday.

Friday, 25 September 2015

182. 'Different Tree Types' Challenge

Pilot G-Tec-C4 in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your art, especially Leslie Saeta's  '30 in 30' participants.  I knocked this sketch out this morning before a meeting but I went to the park afterwards so I'll be posting more trees.  Have a wonderfully arty day. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

181. 'Sitting in a Chair' Challenge

Pilot G-Tec-C4 and Tombow brushpen in
Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

This man was actually in deep dialogue with a woman by the window but I prefer the look of him gazing out of the window.  I may well add colour (the seats were bright red) but need to rush to get off to work now.  Have a good day everyone; happy arting! 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

180. 'Wine Bottles' Challenge

Pen and ink in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

Could there be anything nicer than a small group of friends and family at a wedding where we pretty much all know each other? That was Thursday gone and congratulations to Trevor and Diana - it was a terrific day and we were only the guests!

(Drawn yesterday from a photograph but I can't remember which pen I used - LOL!)  These challenges are from thevirtualinstructor.com and they certainly force you to observe what's around. Only one bottle here but, if I get time, I'd like to do another sketch with a couple of bottles and take just a smidge more time over it; this one's a bit scratchy but then I guess that's the difference between a 'sketch' and a 'drawing'.

179. Fruit Pastilles added …..

Staedtler 0.05 pigment liner, Unipin 0.05 pen and 
Derwent Coloursoft Pencils in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

A friend, on seeing my 'soft pastels box', asked "Where are the Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles?" So, Trish, here they are just for you! (I really enjoyed drawing them!)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

178. 'Art Materials' Challenge

Pilot G-Tec-C4, Neocolour II wax pastels,
Faber Castell and Kuretake Brushables in
Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)

This is No. 8 - 'Draw your art materials'. I chose to draw my beloved soft pastel travel box which is full of broken-off pieces from Schmincke and Unison pastel sets.

Friday, 18 September 2015

177. 'View Through a Window' Challenge

Pilot G-Tec-C4 on Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)

This is No. 7 - I found some photographs I took through the car window when we were driving through the Lake District, Cumbria, a couple of years ago. (I was not the driver!)

Monday, 14 September 2015

176. Stack of Books

Copic 0.03 Multiliner pen (over now erased Faber Castell HB pencil) and
Tombow pen on Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)

Another from thevirtualinstructor.com drawing challenges. This was so tricky. The issue was trying to draw straight lines on varying diagonals but this only proves that these are great challenges as they really force you to think.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

175. Restaurant/Cafe Scene

Faber Castel 1.7 HB pencil on
Moleskine Squared Notebook, 7" x 5.5"

In great haste but am backdating this to the 12th when I drew it.  (This is from thevirtualinstructor.com.)  Happy arting everyone!