Sunday, 20 September 2015

180. 'Wine Bottles' Challenge

Pen and ink in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5"

Could there be anything nicer than a small group of friends and family at a wedding where we pretty much all know each other? That was Thursday gone and congratulations to Trevor and Diana - it was a terrific day and we were only the guests!

(Drawn yesterday from a photograph but I can't remember which pen I used - LOL!)  These challenges are from and they certainly force you to observe what's around. Only one bottle here but, if I get time, I'd like to do another sketch with a couple of bottles and take just a smidge more time over it; this one's a bit scratchy but then I guess that's the difference between a 'sketch' and a 'drawing'.


  1. Beautiful sketch and even more beautiful writing!

  2. That's so sweet, Azra - thank you!