Saturday, 30 May 2015

136. Quick Landscape Before Work

Oil on Black Gesso-primed Panel, 6" x 6"

Realising I was half an hour early for work, I quickly knocked this out. Fortunately, I'd had a palette of fresh paint at the ready. No time for loads of brushes or even brush cleaning between colours - I just kept wiping the brush on a bundle of 'blue paper'. It's not of anywhere in particular and I didn't even paint up to the edges of the panel. Terribly untidy for me but very satisfying!

Before cropping…


  1. I would be terribly late for work if I tried this! You did a great job in such limited time!

  2. LOVE the brushwork Sharon!! The colours are soft and the scene plays out so beautifully with hills in the distance! I am so impressed you painted this in half an hour. : )

    1. Thanks, Az. I just didn't think about it; just got on with it. Having fresh paint laid out saved a heap of time. Thank you.