Saturday, 8 August 2015

171. Beach View 2 at Westcliffe-on-Sea

Staedtler 0.05 Pigment Liner,
Tombow brushpens and Derwent Coloursoft Pencils, 
in Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)

Second of two sketches done today - the perfect day for a sketch. After we had lunch and had done a couple of walks, I turned 90 degrees clockwise from this morning's view and did this. The 'frame' in these two posts was formed by laying my sketchbook down on the pebbles on the beach.


  1. Really get a feeling for the place with these beautiful sketches. So glad you took your sketchbook. Pretty creative "frames," too. And I think those green hats are sunhats.

    1. Thank you, Chris. Me too; I loved doing them. Yes, probably! The heat was intense! :)

  2. Another wonderful sketch, the view and aerial perspective are spot on!!