Thursday, 8 October 2015

191. Trees Happen

Lamy Safari Medium Fountain Pen in 
Handbook Travelogue Journal, 5" x 5" (x2)
(writing done with Pentel G-Tec-C4 Brown pen

I did a favour for two friends and they very generously gave me a surprise 'gift'. I have been eyeing up the Lamy Safari for months and wondering… Marc Taro Holmes and many other urban sketchers swear by them.  Well, the 'gift' was enough for me to use some of it to purchase this beauuuuuutiful pen. Oh my goodness! I'd forgotten how lovely it is to use a proper fountain pen and it's also possible to vary the thickness of the lines... AND these Lamy pens are classed as "starter pens"! Thank you so much my dear friends!

Looking for inspiration, I referred back to some very recent photographs of the park. This is actually two separate views of it, tied together with the middle tree. Then, as usual, I became mesmerised shading it - LOL!

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