Monday, 2 November 2015

201. Fundraisers 5 and 6

Seven Mile Beach,
Acrylic and pencil on 3mm gessoed board, 4" x 4"

Parrottee Beach 1
Acrylic and pencil on 3mm gessoed board, 4" x 4"

Yep, you were right!  The theme was either going to be the beach or trees… or both, wasn't it?! I also painted this set of four tiles for the fundraising event; two of which are here and two of which I've scheduled for tomorrow's post. There are no ink sketches to go with them as I just drew the faintest outlines before painting on top. I never tire of painting Jamaica - it's just unbelievable that somewhere looks like that all year round. Interestingly, when the hurricanes come, although the leaves may fly off, the palm trees simply bend down; they don't break. There's a moral in there somewhere!

Happy Monday my dear blog friends. xx


  1. Gorgeous tropical scenes, I can just imagine the sand under my feet!!! There is most definitely a moral there. : )

    1. Thank you Azra. The sand is very fine and warm.

  2. Love those pops of raspberry!
    And love the reminder to bend. Takes a while to learn that!

  3. Thanks Chris. It's Quinacridone Magenta - I love quinacridone red and gold too; they're lovely. Yes, I have to remind myself constantly.