Sunday, 31 January 2016

215. At Suzie's

Pilot C4 G-Tec pen and Winsor & Newton watercolours in
Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook, 8.5" x 5.5" (x2)

Every so often, our friend Suzie invites some of her painting and musical friends over for an 'art and music' day. She has a collection of red and white crockery and utensils and we cheekily raided her cupboards and laid them out and painted them. I left out a few of the items as I liked this setup.


  1. WOW, love this sketch, the red and white crockery is so pretty, love the layout too!!

  2. So sweet! I love your composition and all the little polka dots crockerry and ustensils.
    This is an happy sketch, Sharon.

  3. Great choices! Wonderful sketch, Sharon!!