Thursday, 31 January 2013

22. Jamaica: Bluefields Beach, Day 30

Seascape, oil on panel, 5.5" x 6".
Well, it's Day 30, the final day of Leslie Saeta's '30x30' challenge but I could only complete  20 paintings - several posted in haste before rushing off to work.  I am so glad the challenge ended on my day off as it's given me the chance to spend a couple of hours on this last piece.  Before going any further, I must thank Leslie for setting this challenge and encouraging us through it; I have learned so much more about painting and also about what is possible!  Thank you also to each of you who took part; I am in awe of your fabulous artwork.
We pass Bluefields Beach going to and from Montego Bay and I find I have to take yet another photograph of it every time so I have a few images from different angles. 
I also love photographing and painting the coastline around Black River, St Elizabeth (where my late parents lived) - there are several beautiful beaches in JA.  I have just completed a 36"x48" (portrait format) painting from some photographs I took of Negril Beach back in 2005.  My cousin recently sent me some amazing photographs of Port Antonio and surrounds (the eastern side of Jamaica) which are gorgeous additions to my supply.  The great thing about painting JA is that the required colour palette is much brighter than the one I use for UK scenes so it helps me forget it's cold, grey and wet outside.

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  1. A beautiful and peaceful scene. Rather wish I was there.