Tuesday, 1 October 2013

42. Collage for September 30x30

Ah well, I managed two full paintings and a few sketched underpaintings.  Thank you, Leslie; I might not have done any artwork had it not been for your challenge. 

Well done everyone else who painted anything at all.


  1. Nice to see your work on the 30 in 30 challenge! Are you on facebook?
    Would love to stay connected!
    ~Happy Painting,

    1. Thank you, Kellie. How encouraging! I don't have a page specifically for my artwork on fb but looking at the lovely work on your fb page, I'm inspired to create one. I've joined your blog and I will let you know when that page appears.

      I particularly love your 'Blue Crab' - the brushwork is exquisite! Your party paintings look like fun and are a great idea. Thanks again for the encouragement - it made my day!