Saturday, 15 March 2014

78. Christine's Workshop - Studies

Still Life with Daffodils and Clementine, Mars Lumograph 100 
and watercolour, A3 (A4 sketchbook)

It's Spring at last, yaay! There are daffodils everywhere. Last Saturday, we had an event at work so I went in early to set up then chased over to Christine's for an hour and a half before chasing back to the event. It was worth it even for half a morning.

All I took were an A4 sketchbook, my graphic design pencil case (it contains a miniature of everything), a tin of pan watercolours and a brush roll. Considering the short time available, I'm happy with this sketch and I'm leaving it just as it is because it's an accurate record of my time there that day. Given more time, I'd have stopped all the 'kissing'. The dark in the background was a sheet of coloured paper but it is buttressed up against the jug. Again, the clementine in the foreground should move half its width to the right. Maybe I'd have strengthened the edges of the daffodils to the right. 

As I was packing up Chris suggested I do a very quick colour study so I erased part of the top left and quickly knocked it out. Can you see where I extended it down to show more of the bowl? Comically, this resulted in the orange floating in the air but, again, that's fine for what it is.

In the next few posts, I'll show you more drawings and sketches and a maybe a few more of the colour charts I've done.

Happy weekend my friends!

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