Wednesday, 26 February 2014

77. Colour Mixing - Five More Sheets

Magenta (PR122)

Call me crazy, but... I am loving doing these colour charts.  The colours are so delicious, I think I can taste them! If only the camera could capture the sumptuous colour, transparency and vibrancy of some of these mixes, especially on the Magenta and the Ultramarine Blue sheets! The colours are pretty close but the tints below were much more subtle than shown here.

As I mentioned previously, I'm also discovering many other popular colours/mixes whilst doing them such as Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Violet(!!) and Flesh Tint - my flesh is a different tint though, LOL! A big surprise to me was the Magenta/Atrament Black mix to the far right; maybe I didn't use enough AB but I chose not to change it as it produced a column of super violets which are different to all the others on the sheet.

All the tints so far have been created with the very opaque Titanium White No.2 (PW6/PW4) but I'm curious to try them with something more transparent like pure Zinc White (PW4), particularly for these two sheets.

Ultramarine Blue (PB29) - Yummy!

I dropped the Unbleached Titanium, Permanent Orange, Phthalo Blue and Phthalo Green for Napthol Red, Cadmium Red, Transparent Oxide Yellow and Raw Umber as that's what I'm  more likely to mix with UB. It also meant that I didn't need to have 20+ columns. 


Unbleached Titanium Dioxide (PW6.1)

Such an initially boring colour but the range of tints produced are just wonderful. I'm so glad I did this sheet as it produced lovely, velvety, dusty hues, again more subtle than shown but distinct colours nonetheless.

Lemon Yellow (PW31) - Dig out your blue gloves!

This has a really low tinting strength so it is perfect for warming and lightening colours when straight white would deaden them. You can easily see the stronger pigments; however, note that Magenta is much stronger than Manganese Violet - I had to use only a smidgeon of Magenta as otherwise its mighty strength would have murdered the Lemon Yellow.

Bright Yellow Lake (PY3)

Looks acidic but it's really a beautifully yellow yellow.  Can I say that? :D  Now I've added Old Holland Caribbean Blue (a favourite of Dreama Tolle Perry) as I use it an awful lot in my Caribbean scenes; not that you'd know as the tube is hardly dented - another powerful pigment.

Please do comment on whether or not you are finding these helpful. I have lumped these five together so that anyone interested can compare them more easily.  I will replace the photographs when we have better weather... and I'll post some real paintings soon.  

Thank you so much for visiting; I'm off to work now. Happy painting!

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