Monday, 17 February 2014

73. Still Life - WIP

Work in progress, still life, acrylic paint on acrylic paper, 20" x 16"

Hi Everyone, this is what I worked on at Christine's workshop last Saturday. I cropped the last photograph as the background cloth is only partly done and, with the patterns unfinished, is a bit of a distraction. I enjoyed doing it but have had to abandon it and return to a commission I'm doing.

Initial stage - drawing with very watery Burnt Siena and Phthalocyanine Blue.

Second stage - adding watered-down Quinacridone Magenta and Ultramarine Blue.

Third stage - thicker paint (temporarily cropped photograph).

There is a lot more to be done such as correcting and softening the edges of the vase and the background cloth, warming the colour of the vase, defining the cloth around the base of the foremost glass bottle so it is clear, adding a starfish in front of the shell, etc. However, I'm happy with the rendering of the glass bottles so will try to leave that part alone!

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