Sunday, 20 April 2014

92. Happy Easter!

Acrylic and emulsion on lining paper, 8ft x 20ft

Four of our team walked around adding heavenly bodies to each strip.
Black emulsion then acrylic colours with white emulsion 240cm x 56cm (x10)...

… Meanwhile, I started squaring up a small web image on a large scale.
6B pencil on lining paper (masking tape)

Two artists added three tones then I painted the outline.

Fourth tone and test background added by me

Blue and green oceans painted entirely with Bernice's fingers and palms.
Clever!  :)
Acrylic and emulsion

Initial hanging before sealing edges with double-sided tape.

Somebody's tired!

Checking relationships.

Fingers cut to fit world before I took the latter home to paint the countries
and the theme for the weekend.

Some tracing and some drawing. I didn't enjoy the tracing at all!
Ooops! I forgot Trinidad and Tobago; sorry peeps!
Careful not to ruin B's lovely paintwork.

Ready for Good Friday evening and the
Easter Sunday Celebration: 'Hope for the World'

Happy Easter everyone!

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