Saturday, 3 September 2016

258. Welcome to Jamaica!

Winsor & Newton watercolours and Lamy Safari fountain pen on
Daler Rowney Mixed Media spiral sketchpad, A3

Thank God for Leslie Saeta's '30 in 30' coming round again! (Day 3)

I've been in Jamaica clearing my parents' house and putting it on the market. Only time for one piece of art (I'll post it in a few days) while I was there as we worked almost non-stop all day. This was the lovely 747 that took me there - 'Hot Lips'! (I came home on 'English Rose'.)

Painted first then fountain pen added.

NB. My apologies for the lack of artwork since May. I have quite a few sketches to post, done during that time (including some in Manchester where the Urban Sketchers Symposium was being held). I'm slowly getting around to photographing them and will backdate them so everything is eventually in the correct order.

Happy painting everyone!


  1. Hi Sharon, looking forward to see all your sketches! Lucky you, you went to USk Manchester, I am envious ;-)

    1. Thanks Martine. Great to hear from you. I didn't have a ticket but we were encouraged to meet up with the sketchers in the evenings - which we did - tutors and students were so generous in sharing information so I don't feel I missed out too much - it was great!

  2. I LOVED watching your sketches in the daily challenge! The plane is my absolute favorite. I am so drawn to sketch studies, I guess because they are so organic and unplanned? Thanks for sharing and kudos to you for doing so many while away!!