Sunday, 5 January 2014

56. Day Three: Salon Drawing

Landscape, Mars Lumograph 100 2H pencil and Staedtler 0.1 'Fineliner' 
pigment pen on 10" x 8" stretched canvas

This is the 'SOS Beauty Salon' in Jamaica, close to where we have the car serviced. It's a very brightly-coloured building with descriptions of some of the treatments neatly written under each window, including a little drawing of a lady's head and shoulders.  The owner was friendly and let me take a photograph.  

The scene looks calm and quiet as a drawing (I have omitted some of the loose elements, such as chairs, a table, crates and bits of foliage) but it is a very lively place with lots of activity - the buildings on the right are Hanks Cafe and Bar and lots of other shops are to be discovered down the path behind the salon.

This drawing took me a while and I notice the roof line is a bit 'off'; however, the roof on the left is actually like that.  When I was happy with the drawing, I went over the pencil lines with a permanent black pen then erased most of the pencil.  I then applied acrylic paint...
... oh dear!  Maybe I was tired but I made a proper 'Horlicks' of it!  I intend to paint over it using different colours and, if that improves it, I'll do another post.

I'm enjoying looking at all the '30 in 30' entries - so much talent out there!  Well done everyone and thank you for sharing.

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