Friday, 31 January 2014

70. Day Thirty: Gerbera from Bouquet

Still Life, Griffin alkyd oil on Pebeo canvas board, 10cm x 10cm (approx. 4" x 4")

This is my submission for Day 30, painted a day late but the post-date is the 31st (when I actually painted it). Thank you, Leslie Saeta, for giving us an extra day to post - I didn't manage 30 but thanks to your challenge, I painted a whole heap more than I might otherwise have.

Another benefit is that I've spent less time doing tight drawings (don't get me wrong, I love drawing and detail) but instead have had to dive straight in with the paintbrush. 

Below, is this morning's work in progress.

Ugly stage - I'm sure I can see monsters!

Colour, phew!

Colours:  Burnt Umber, Magenta, Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue and Lemon. (In the final painting (at the top), I used a mix of BU and UB surrounded by Naples Yellow Light for the centre of the gerbera.

More Alizarin.

More colour and a few tweaks to go.
The back wall is a mix of BU and TW.

It's good to be thankful, don't you think? So, here is my Oscar speech!  :D :D :D

Thank you to Leslie Saeta for setting another great challenge to push us and make us better. Thanks to my cousin Alli for sending me the Boxing Day photos of Melissa, et al. Thanks to my friends in JJ's group for the truly beautiful bouquet of flowers when I came home from hospital. Thanks to all of you who have visited my blog and sometimes left a comment - all so encouraging! Thanks to my husband for understanding that art keeps me sane. Finally, a really special thank you to my cousin, champion and adopted 'sister', Marjorie, who has been a constant source of encouragement to me but who has managed never ever to be critical. Love yah, Sis!

(The next post will be a collage of all my paintings for this challenge.)


  1. Thank you, Margaret, I've really enjoyed your challenge paintings - you're very good.