Tuesday, 7 January 2014

59. Day Seven: Negril Drawing - No Rules

Seascape, Derwent Onyx (dark) pencil and Staedtler 0.1 Fineliner
on W&N stretched cotton canvas, 14" x 10"

This is a section of a scene I have sketched and painted many times.  I painted a 4ft x 3ft version of the whole scene just over a year ago and have since painted little versions of part of the scene.  

In order to get straight lines for the buildings without a ruler, I held the pen securely whilst running my little finger along the length and width of the support.  It's easier if you have a 'plate' surface but can still be done on something as 'notchy' as canvas if you go carefully.  It's impossible on a larger support, of course, as you'd have to have really long fingers.  Again, it needs to be re-photographed in daylight.

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