Saturday, 3 January 2015

106. After Paul Cezanne: Still Life with Peppermint Bottle, 1893-1895(?)

Still Life (after Paul Cezanne)
Oil on Pebeo Linen Canvas Board, 8" x 8"

Draft Sketch, Mars Lumograph Pencils: 2H and 7B, A4 sketchbook

Hi Folks.  I hope you are enjoying the challenge. I decided to copy another Cezanne painting (above) and it was just as enjoyable. He worked with all those tones, colours, shapes and patterns yet still he achieved a harmonious image - genius! Just for fun, I exaggerated further the cubic shapes of the two bottles and quite like how they turned out. Also above is my random sketchbook drawing (above) which I did simply to get a feel for the shapes and flow of the design. The original painting by Paul Cezanne is below.

The original painting by Paul Cezanne


  1. When Art Makes Scents

    After Cezanne,
    after Veares,
    came peppermint
    nestled in hues,
    some warm in blues,
    art that smells fine.

    1. Wow! How unique and how lovely; thank you!

  2. I saw this and went....WOW! It's GREAT!

    1. Thank you for this encouraging comment, Sue, and also for sharing.